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The Yoga Ubud Villas

Yoga Ubud Villas is a beautifully and luxury designed complex of 7, consist of one and two bedroom luxury villas.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms
The bedrooms in the Yoga Ubud Villas range from one to two bedrooms. There are also a number of side by side villas for honeymoon, family and friends that travel together. All rooms are air-conditioned and have their own en-suite bathroom.

The two bedroom villas are in a separate bathroom to the one and surround allowing the pool and outside gardens to be a focal point. The one bedroom on the other hand has a door that opens up directly into the pool allowing the outside in.

The rooms are well proportioned and comfortable. Each room has its own TV and a beautiful natural grained wooden bedhead adds to the touch of luxury that is so prevalent in these villas.

Within the bathroom area is a large wardrobe suitable to hang or fold any clothing you have brought or will buy. The bathroom is large with an indoor shower and one can enjoy the garden setting with its pebble stones and tropical foliage within this area. To ensure you don't miss your movie or game, a TV in each bedroom with international channel.

Living & Dining Area
On entering the 2 bedroom villa, to the right, is the living area which faces the bedrooms. The one bedroom pavilion is a replica of the two bedroom but under one roof. This area is open allowing you to feel the cooling breezes and enjoy the outdoor space.

Warm colors have been used in the furnishing of the sofa and footstool representing the colors of sunset. A large TV is available for viewing those newly purchased DVD's or to watch a game on the screen.

A beautiful granite dining table with 4 dining chairs in the two-bedroom villa. A sink to the right beside the dining area allows guests to whip an easy meal and a fridge is available to store drinks and food. A garden behind and around the sides of the pavilion adds to the tropical feel.

Swimming Pool
Each villa has its own private pool. Situated in the middle of the villa, the view can be enjoyed from one's bedroom or from the living area. A wooden sundeck beside the pool to sunbath are located close by.

Get away from the hustle and bustle of busy life and enjoy the quiet relaxed atmosphere of the Yoga Ubud Villas. Your holiday on the 'Island of the Paradise' with your partner, family or friends, is sure to be remembered while staying at one of these luxury, upmarket villas.